Cranky Chickens Love Cabbage

 Remember that back in November I added 5 young hens at the point of lay to my flock of 8 older girls.  It wasn’t too pretty for a while, as the older hens came to accept the new ones.  We had some injuries.  By late January I am pleased to report that everyone was gettingContinue reading “Cranky Chickens Love Cabbage”

Christmas Lights For Chickens

We were at December 12th.  Almost the darkest of the year.  Although we had 13 chickens, we were getting only 5 eggs a day.  Shucks. Then one morning I plugged in the old heat lamp I keep out in the coop, just before getting out there to feed and water the girls.  That night, what doContinue reading “Christmas Lights For Chickens”