Chicken Tunnels!!

I find something to post about nearly every day now, as spring is springing!

In my ongoing search for a way to combine suburban life and with chickens, I stumbled on Chicken Tunnels – chicken tunnels are hot!! Everyone’s posting about Chicken Tunnels! Or maybe that was last year, and I’m behind the curve.  Here is a photo from Backyard Farming last spring–

chicken tunnels backyard farms Backyard Farming Connection – read more about their operation here:

But my favorite source on this subject was the Chicken Tunnel Man, Bruce Morgan’s YouTube VIDEO.  Bruce directs his “chooks” into one garden bed at a time via portable wire tunnels that he stores on top of his shed – a very inspirational guy from Down Under.

So far I haven’t built any chicken tunnels – but I ‘ve been thinking about something like them for a long time. I first heard about chicken tunnels when someone sent me photos last month.  But I suspect for now paddocks are still the easiest for us on this cozy suburban 1/2 acre, since you rotate the chickens simply by closing one door and opening another, and have no tunnels to store.

IMG_0267Lately we are bringing all our piles of weed to the chickens in their run, as we try to get our gardens planted and can’t risk an escapee scratching her way through the baby plants.  I have a lot of garden beds to secure. Dealing with wire is NOT my favorite job either.

It’s tempting though – if I can think of a way to store all that tunnel when not in use…




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