“Suburban Farmers” celebrate 23 years together



You are reading about the efforts of Wystan and Edward Simons to grow as much food as they can on their 1/2 acre of suburban land — and a few plots at the community garden up the hill — while continuing their everyday jobs as small business CEO and writer/mother/rental agent/domestic engineer. The Simons children (there are six in our blended family) are not known for taking any interest in gardening. Ever.     We hope they will eventually. Or that the fever skips a generation.  Then we can teach our grand-kids what we’ve learned.

“Suburban Farmer”as used here is tongue in cheek, trying to lend a little dignity to what we are trying to do. If it offends some REAL farmers – oh well.

We welcome your questions! Comments! Answers!!

Find me at wystansimons@gmail.com.

And for something really different, check out my blog about life with Owen who eats a LOT of veggies:

embracingchaos.net – the whale was just the beginning of the story…

What whale?




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