These are exiting and nerve-wracking times in the political landscape – doubtless many of us are tired of hearing about the latest shenanigans from the stump.  But I couldn’t help making the connection last week to the presidential hopefuls as I passed by the table in our bedroom this morning that is loaded withContinue reading “transPlanting”

Dreaming and Clucking

So the garden is shutting down.  Pretty soon we get out the seed catalogs and gear up to start seedlings.  But for the moment it’s not a bad idea to stop and daydream. Time to feel grateful for chickens, who keep on producing food and eating up kitchen vegetable leftovers right through the winter months.Continue reading “Dreaming and Clucking”

So Harvest the Broccoli Already

I wanted it to be bigger.  At least two meals worth. These broc plants have fought back from cabbage worm attack, survived dry spells when neither the weather nor I remembered to moisten the soil, come back from some freezing nights.  They are survivors.  But they aren’t very big. What I hate about suburban growingContinue reading “So Harvest the Broccoli Already”

Chickens Paddocks

Chicken paddocks is a great idea.  I have mentioned it before, and I am sure I will mention it again.   For years we’ve allowed our chickens half the day in our back yard, for their health, for better eggs, because I am soft hearted — because they seemed to get into it no matterContinue reading “Chickens Paddocks”

Ahhh – Renovated Chicken Run

A thing of beauty is a joy forever – look at that beautiful tidied chip yard! On Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning up the run and house for winter and for the addition of five 16 week old poulets to join our current flock of 8 laying hens.  Eight is just notContinue reading “Ahhh – Renovated Chicken Run”