As the Weather Outside Grows Frightful..

The weather report said two nights of low 30s, and we figured it was time. So in come the potted lemons and caldomin oranges, the olive tree and friends. For the next few months they will only huddle and peer out at the brick pathway along the house’s south side, where they basked all spring,Continue reading “As the Weather Outside Grows Frightful..”

Starting Over — or Not?

It’s been just over two years since we left our Maryland gardens behind, and moved to Pennsylvannia. After 14 months of a torturous, CoVid-complicated, mold-complicated renovation, we have a year under our belts in this new home. The next natural step is to start building gardens. Right? Only our love of gardening is at conflictContinue reading “Starting Over — or Not?”

Suburban Growing…But Not Plants

Lately, I have been trying to un-aquire stuff. Trying to peel down, through layers of accumulated possessions, that grew up around us in our 30 years of marriage. The layers that moved with us from MD to PA last summer, and currently fill FOUR storage units and our apartment. Yes four. It’s embarrassing. I hadContinue reading “Suburban Growing…But Not Plants”

Oh Oh…IgG-o

Queen of Procrastination, I have avoided writing this post for 19 months A record? Hah.  But now, after lying dormant, the Suburban Gardens blog entombed perhaps and clinging to a reed like a sleeping caterpillar, now emerges transformed! And from henceforth —- Wait, let me start at the beginning. Two summers ago,  HUGE CHANGE ploppedContinue reading “Oh Oh…IgG-o”

From the Plastic King to Spring

(Above: one Brussel with muscle.) It’s the Olympics, so it must be time to start seedlings. That’s my measure. And whereas last week it was still solidly winter, this week Maryland will begin her flirtation with spring, rising to 70, before dropping us into the 30s again.  Another signal. Maybe a dare: get ready!  Suddenly,Continue reading “From the Plastic King to Spring”

Are Your Clothes Killing You? Or Merry Microplastics & Happy New Year

It was the choking sea plankton that got me. The topic for Suburban Growing is gardening: growing your own food in suburbia, and tangentially health. During this off-season, while our gardens rest peacefully covered in leaves (that’s the goal and I’m confessing nothing) and snow, we have an opportunity to address larger issues associated growing and eatingContinue reading “Are Your Clothes Killing You? Or Merry Microplastics & Happy New Year”