Tribute to White Chicken

Yesterday White Chicken was diagnosed. The real cause of her ill health was “internal egg laying.” There is no certain cause of internal laying, and no real cure. It means that a chicken’s yolks (ovum) begin to be deposited in her internal body cavity, rather than traveling down the oviduct, getting clothed in egg whiteContinue reading “Tribute to White Chicken”

Vent Gleet: Clearing Up Messy Vents in Laying Hens

Ohoh! You can’t hide and running away won’t help you, honey! Two of our chickens now have white discharge stuck to their butts, and this morning’s research suggests they have “vent gleet.”  Hooray there are some easy fixes. Sharing this article with with you  – here’s to poultry health! Messy vents are not uncommon forContinue reading “Vent Gleet: Clearing Up Messy Vents in Laying Hens”


  These are exiting and nerve-wracking times in the political landscape – doubtless many of us are tired of hearing about the latest shenanigans from the stump.  But I couldn’t help making the connection last week to the presidential hopefuls as I passed by the table in our bedroom this morning that is loaded withContinue reading “transPlanting”

Forget It California – We Got This!

  Or…maybe not. Not everything we humans try is a success.  This is just a truth.  But it’s the one that got away – the experiment that flopped –  that fascinates me most. So I am likely to keep trying. Gardens of lettuce and spinach are growing inside at our house!  That’s the good news. Continue reading “Forget It California – We Got This!”

Inspiration and ReBirth

For so many months this blog has lain dormant.  Those who follow my writing know that my other blog has taken the bulk of my attention during the past year (embracing, stories about life with our special needs young adult son Owen).  If there is a “bulk” of anything so stretched and scattered as myContinue reading “Inspiration and ReBirth”